Wood Sourcing

In this day and age when resources are precious it is important that those that work with natural materials treat them with the utmost respect.

To me part of this means buying materials from sustainable sources where ever possible and also wasting as little as possible. I always source timber with FSC or Rain forest Alliance certification where ever I can, meaning it’s from well managed sustainable forests, providing a sustainable income for the local communities. I’m also starting to use many more non tropical woods in my builds. So many beautiful timbers out there.

I am always glad to hear of new suppliers of sustainably sourced materials so if you know of any and wish to share, then please contact me.



I use the highest quality hardware available. This includes Gotoh, made in Japan, for machine heads, some bridges, and various other parts. Tone Pro’s locking bridges and tailpieces on certain models. And top quality switches and jacks and solder.

The pots I prefer are US made CTS, again of the highest quality. They give a nice smooth roll off and are very durable. Capacitors are either Orange drop or Oil in paper depending on the model.



I am a big fan of Bare Knuckle pick ups. They are hand made in the UK from the highest spec components, and sound fantastic. Over the years I have tried almost every pick up under the sun, and in my opinion Bare Knuckle make the finest range I have come across.

I fit certain models with certain pick ups from the range, that I think will suit the instrument well, however it is of course possible for the customer to spec which ever pick up they desire from any other pick up maker.



I currently work closely with a good friend of mine to get the impeccable quality I require. He does some of the best finishing work in the business and completely understands where I am coming from as a maker.

As standard my guitars are finished using a thin polyurethane lacquer. I have chosen this as the standard as it is possible to apply the lacquer very thinly which I believe allows the wood’s natural resonance to ring through.
I also offer an all natural organic oil and wax finish applied by hand. This is a very tactile finish and offers protection for the wood in terms of sealing it, but it is a finish that will wear quickly. Ultra desirable for some… wrong choice for others!

However if you wish to have your guitar finished in any different manner this can be discussed further.



I use Hiscox cases, made in the UK. They are very light weight and extremely strong and durable. They fit my models snugly and provide excellent protection. I have used them on various tours the world over when working as a technician and they have never let me down.