The Merkaba

The Merkaba is my most modern minded guitar. The original Merkaba design features extensive contouring both front and back to give a unique appearance and incredible comfort. The inspiration for the unique curves was in part inspired by super car design and the way the light hits those sleek contours.


24 fret modern rock machine

The Merkaba is my most modern minded guitar. The design features extensive contouring both front and back to give a unique appearance and incredible comfort.

The inspiration for the design and the unique curves was inspired by super car design, and the way the light hits the contours.

The word Merkaba dates back many centuries and is derived from ancient Hebrew. It is composed of three syllables: "Mer," which means "light," "Ka," which means "spirit," and "Ba," which means "body." Together, "Merkaba" can be translated as "light-spirit-body"

In esoteric and spiritual traditions, the Merkaba refers to a mystical and energetic field that surrounds the human body. It is often depicted as a geometric shape, specifically a three-dimensional star tetrahedron or a rotating double tetrahedron. The Merkaba is believed to be a vehicle of spiritual ascension, transformation, and interdimensional travel.

The Merkaba is designed to take your playing to new places. The Merkaba neck carve is a slim profile with a 16" radius fingerboard. This allows for a low action with very fast playability and clean string bending. The nut width is slightly wider than the Shoreline, at 43mm it gives a little more space on the board often favoured by modern players. The single cutaway body shape with it's contouring and carved heel design allows access to the highest frets with ease.

A choice of options are available to tailor or customise the Merkaba to your needs. Please feel free to contact us to discuss pickup options, finish options and even custom inlay options.

Prices start from £3999 inc vat

Export outside the UK from £3332 ex vat


The Merkaba pictured is a custom order with Swamp Ash body. Swamp Ash is becoming very hard to get hold of these days due to Ash die back in the USA, Therefore I have chosen Obeche as the most suitable wood for the Merkaba bodies as standard. It is lightweight and incredibly resonant. The tonal balance suits this model excellently, with clear trebles and a warm bass response.

All our Obeche is from FSC certified well managed forests in West Africa.


Canadian roasted sugar maple.

My absolute favourite neck material. I have a wonderful supplier for this maple who sources and processes all the logs himself in Canada. The quality is superb, and it is not only beautiful to look at, it is a joy to work with too. The heat treatment makes the timber supremely stable and resistant to humidity or temperature changes, and also increases the resonance similarly to the natural ageing of wood. All Merkaba necks are hand finished with an oil and wax finish that feels just as incredible as it looks. As standard on the Merkaba model, I use a 16" fingerboard radius for a comfortable playing experience with clean fretting and string bending. My favoured fret wire is Jescar and the medium jumbo profile. Custom options are available. Please feel free to ask any questions.

Fingerboard options include Indian rosewood, figured roasted maple or ebony.


To match the Merkaba's modern appearance, I have carefully selected the best hardware manufacturers for this model. For the fixed bridge models we use the Hipshot bridges, made in the USA. For the tremolo models the modern Gotoh two point trems are our favourite choice.

Bare knuckle pickups suit the Merkaba very well, with their uncompromising approach to modern pickup manufacturing and only using the highest quality components.

Please feel free to get in contact with any questions about pickup choices for your Merkaba.


The Merkaba is available in a range of finish options. High gloss or satin finishes in modern lacquers, or a paper thin nitro finish if you prefer the vintage style.

We can also offer a variety of metallic or sparkle finishes, and even a stripped back oil and wax finish.

Custom finishes are available on request so please get in touch if you would like to ask any questions.

Merkaba in Action

Check out the Merkaba prototype in action here with Danny Beardsley.

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