Heirloom Quality Guitars
Built with Love

Using a blend of old world hand skills and modern precision technology,
each Seth Baccus guitar is crafted with pride and dedication.
Authentic craftsmanship, creating instruments to inspire you.
This is a labour of love.

The Range

I'm proud to present to you my range of beautifully crafted instruments. I have been designing and refining my original electric guitar models for 20 years, some influenced by the past and some to inspire the future.


The Nautilus was my original model, the guitar I'd always dreamed of but never found. This has evolved into a whole Nautilus range of set neck, single cutaway guitars crafted to inspire.


The Shoreline range is my nod to the famous guitars from Fullerton, and the bolt on neck construction method. I've developed a range of Shoreline models, offering many styles and pickup configurations.


The Argonaut is inspired by the offset vibes of the 60s surf guitars with the attitude of 90s alt-rock.
Available with a wide range of options and styles, vintage vibes or modern edge.


The Merkaba is a more progressive minded guitar, available in both 22 and 24 fret models. The unique contouring was designed to capture the luxurious curves and flowing lines used in super car designs.  Modern in look and feel.

Special Reserve

The special Reserve is a chance to let nature show off its incredible beauty. The Special reserves give you the opportunity to go to town on the wood choices. This is the stuff luthiers search high and low for.

Custom Orders

Custom orders can be spec'd up with options available on any of the other models. We can also offer custom colours, or custom pickup configurations, custom scratch plates and a whole lot more.

Why Choose a Baccus Guitar?

Guitarist Gold Choice Award

"Who is Seth Baccus?
Pretty much guitar-making royalty. Seth has had guitar experience at the highest level as the stepson of Andy Manson. HE managed Manson's guitar shop, He’s had on-the-road experience with John Paul Jones (including the Led Zeppelin reunion rehearsals and live shows) and worked with local mates Muse.

The detail and craft in this nautilus is wonderful. But it’s not about just the craft: this is a hugely inspirational, pro-level instrument. A guitar that you’ll get completely lost in. the neck is definitely in the ‘one of the best we’ve played’ category"

Dave Burrluck

Guitarist Magazine

My Seth Baccus Nautilus is an amazing and inspiring guitar, it plays so effortlessly and sounds insane, I love it!

Alain Johannes

Eleven, Queens of the Stoneage

My Baccus Shoreline guitar is an absolute gem, and I can’t get enough of it! I’ve been playing it for almost 2 years, taking it on incredible musical journeys all over the globe. I love how balanced the guitar is, in both sound and weight, making it a dream to play. I’ve played various genres with it, from pop to rock, and it’s never let me down.

Rikki Lee

Seth’s guitars are works of art. The attention to every little detail is second to none. I had a vision as to what my perfect guitar would be; Seth took that idea to a whole other level. He made it better than I could have ever imagined.

Kris Barras

Kris Barras Band

I love real things rooted in history and made with love. That’s what my Baccus feels like. Even better to know that the maker is the real deal with an incomparable obsession to detail and perfection.

Jacky Bastek

News & Reviews

Keep up with the latest happenings and catch up on all the reviews.

Argonaut Classic -10/10 Gold award - Gear Of The Year 2023

The Argonaut recently recieved a 10/10 Gold award in Guitarist Magazine and a 5***** award in Guitar world Magazine

Nautilus Classic - Editors Choice award - Gear Of The Year Award

Guitarist Choice award winning review of the Nautilus Classic.

Shoreline JM - Editors Choice Gold Award

Guitar.com Editor's choice award-winning review of the Shoreline JM

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