Meet the Players

Alain Johannes

Eleven, Queens of the Stoneage

Alain Johannes is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and producer. He was a founding member of the influential alt-rock band Eleven and has been heavily involved with a host of projects both as a musician and as a producer, including Queens of the Stoneage, Them Crooked Vultures, Chris Cornell, Arctic Monkeys, Mark Lanegan and PJ Harvey among others.

"My Seth Baccus Nautilus is an amazing and inspiring guitar, it plays so effortlessly and sounds insane, I love it!"

Kris Barras

Kris Barras Band

UK Guitarist Kris Barras has a genre-bending sound: a high-energy hybrid of Rock, Blues and Country. Winners of ‘Best New Band’ in the 2018 Planet Rock awards, the Kris Barras Band have become one of the UK’s fastest rising acts. Recently voted one of the ‘Top Blues Guitarists in the World’ (Music Radar) and winning the ‘Best Album’ accolade in the European Blues Awards, perhaps best demonstrates the band’s fluidity and appeal to fans of different genres.

"Seth’s guitars are works of art. The attention to every little detail is second to none. I had a vision as to what my perfect guitar would be; Seth took that idea to a whole other level. He made it better than I could have ever imagined."

Jacky Bastek

Jacky Bastek is a singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist and world renowned finger style guitarist. Jacky performs both solo and with the band Humblo. She also works as a composer in a variety of different projects.

"I love real things rooted in history and made with love. That’s what my Baccus feels like. Even better to know that the maker is the real deal with an incomparable obsession to detail and perfection."

Rikki Lee

Rikki Lee, the Malaysian-born, London-based musician, is a true force in the world of music. Renowned for her exceptional ability to blend speed and emotive melodies on the guitar, she has carved out a unique style that has captivated audiences worldwide. Rikki's extraordinary talent has garnered her numerous collaborations with artists spanning diverse genres. Her mesmerizing guitar solos have become sought-after features in the works of esteemed musicians such as Martin Smith from Delirious, Fleur East from X Factor, Priya Ragu, Connie Constance, and Master Peace. With headline appearances on Jools Holland, ITV, Download festival and many more.

"My Baccus Shoreline guitar is an absolute gem, and I can’t get enough of it! I’ve been playing it for almost 2 years, taking it on incredible musical journeys all over the globe. I love how balanced the guitar is, in both sound and weight, making it a dream to play. I’ve played various genres with it, from pop to rock, and it’s never let me down. One of the things I absolutely adore about it is its tonal character. It definitely brings out the best in whatever I play and makes it sound sweet. Other than that, the striking tiger pattern on the neck is one of my favourite parts about the guitar. Beyond its exceptional performance, this guitar is simply drop-dead gorgeous. I make videos for my socials, and it stands out so much. Also, every time I unveil it from its case, it’s like unveiling a piece of art. It never fails to catch people’s attention and spark conversations."


There are multifaceted artists, and then there’s Bellatrix. A spellbinding singer and instinctively expressive songwriter, a multi-instrumentalist, a versatile performer and former world beatboxing champion, Bellatrix complements artistic wholeness with an inventive, all-encompassing and hands-on creative vision that can’t help but resonate. Bellatrix is currently playing bass for Grammy nominated artist NAO, releasing and performing “avant-punk-pop” music as a solo artist, and hosting a monthly radio show on Soho Radio called “Goldenear”.

"I feel so lucky to have this bass. It looks flipping cool, but also classy as hell. It's an unbelievably high quality instrument. This is the first time in my life that I have felt so connected to my bass guitar. It feels incredible to play and sounds deeply rich, warm and alive. The making process also felt really special, Seth totally tuned into what I needed on a practical level, but also who I am as an artist. I feel as though that's alive in the bass. It's very nice to feel this proud of my instrument."

Tim Mills

Bare Knuckle Pickups, Riders to Ruin

Best known as the founder of guitar pickup specialists Bare Knuckle, Tim started playing guitar professionally soon after leaving school, performing with bands in the UK and Germany as well as teaching guitar and martial arts. Tim currently writes, records and performs with Riders to Ruin.

"From the first moment I held my Nautilus, I knew it was a very special guitar. It not only looks stunning, it literally talks through you as you play. Notes bloom from under your fingers in such a dynamic way, playing becomes totally free expression. A real ‘instrument’ crafted by a luthier at the top of his game. I now have 3 of Seth’s Nautilus’, I think that says all you need to know."

Adrian Thorpe

Thorpy FX

Thorpy FX has quickly earned an enviable reputation as on one of the finest FX pedal makers in the world. Drawing on a distinguished military career Adrian has designed and built a range of uncompromising indestructible and tonally refined pedals.

"I’ve been to numerous guitar shows over the last few years, and at every show there seemed to be a number of Seth’s guitars on show. Every single time I played one, saw one or generally found myself in the vicinity of his guitars, I found myself reaching for my credit card. For me though, having been struck with just how insanely good his instruments are, I wanted to capitalise on his skills by going “all in” on a custom bespoke design. Seth was great in that he encouraged me to make choices that worked together as a whole, and the result was a design we were both excited about. The whole purchase experience was really rewarding, and I thought I was prepared for the delivery of the final product… I wasn’t. The Nautilus special reserve he created for me is beyond my wildest dreams. Aside from the insane aesthetics, it is not just a pretty face, this guitar absolutely rips, and I cannot put it down. The fretwork, the neck and any point you make contact with the guitar is so ergonomic that it makes you want to carry on playing. If you want a special guitar, contact Seth, and I guarantee you will end up with a dream instrument that takes your breath away."

Jamie Haas

El Moono

Brighton based band EL MOONO are making waves and have toured the UK and Europe in support of their EP releases, playing with the likes of Black Peaks, Press To Meco, Fangclub, Haggered Cat, Phoxjaw and more. Having recently released Temple Corrupted via Lockjaw records, the band are delving even further into their riff heavy psych explorations.

"Seth has captured exactly what I love about offsets and presented it in a truly unique, handmade instrument. While remaining tour-proof, it successfully produces one of the most beautiful tones I’ve heard from a guitar. Having followed his work for years as he’s collaborated with the likes of Led Zeppelin, Them Crooked Vultures and Muse, it has been a pleasure getting to know Seth as he treats his artists like family, really getting invested in the music. I can’t wait to keep working with him and his beautiful instruments into the future!”

Jas Morris


Jason is the frontman in Firekind, who recently recorded their debut album with Alain Johannes at his legendary studio in LA, 11AD. Former guitarist of the year UK winner Jas is undoubtedly a fantastic player who now has three Seth Baccus guitars in his arsenal.

"My guitar plays like a dream! It's so fluid and free, everything seems so easy & the neck feels great. It looks stunning, the build quality is absolutely impeccable & the aged white finish is gonna look cooler and cooler by the gig. Most importantly, it sounds awesome & I can’t wait to get it down to rehearsal and crank it! These guitars need to be experienced by the world!"

Tõnu Kõrvits

Tõnu Kõrvits is an award-winning composer from Estonia. His music has been performed all over the world by some of the most prestigious orchestras. He is a multi instrumentalist himself and also works as an arranger of contemporary music in the classical idiom and lectures on composition and instrumentation.

"My instrument made by Seth is a really beautiful and subtle sounding instrument. If I had to describe the sound, then probably the words 'warm and rich' would come to my mind first. It also has really long sustain.The sound can be really fascinating and has a real deep “life” in it. And of course, the guitar looks very cool and has been made with extraordinary craftsmanship."

Danny Beardsley

The Parallax Method

Danny Beardsley is often described as one of the most intuitive guitarists around. Having spent years honing his craft, playing in multiple bands and recording as a session guitarist 2019 saw Danny release his first solo album – Blood from a stone, to critical acclaim.

"My Seth Baccus Nautilus is a work of art and inspires me creatively. A great guitar isn’t based on one element, it is very much a case of getting all the ingredients right from the tone woods right through to the hardware. Combined with Seth’s ability, care and attention to detail, he creates a wonderful musical instrument which is tonally rich and dynamic. With impeccable fretwork, a familiar yet fresh design whilst using sustainable materials I am now very proud to own a Seth Baccus Nautilus."

Matt Webster

After many years playing in bands Matt started the Youtube channel Lets Play All Guitar to share lessons and tips and tricks for the music he loves. Lets Play All has built a fantastic following and community with nearly 100K subscribers sharing Matts love of Grunge, Alt rock music and much more.

"My Shoreline is absolute perfection - It's everything I look for in a guitar and more. Seth is a master of his craft and his meticulous attention to detail and precision makes for a guitar that not only looks amazing, but ensures it plays and sounds like a dream too!"

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