Customer feedback: Nautilus Hollowbody

I recently asked a few of my customers if they wouldn’t mind saying a few words about their Seth Baccus guitar/s. It’s been great to hear peoples experiences and how they are bonding with their instruments.

Here is a little note sent in from Hans Sundstrom in the U.S.A about his Nautilus Hollowbody

” I first saw Seth’s guitars at the Holy Grail Guitar show in 2015. I was immediately taken by the quality of the build and the finish details. I saw his gold top and tried it out. The feel was amazing, and how the heel of the neck is carved allowed me to reach the high notes with ease as compared to my Les Paul or even my Strat.

I returned last year and saw the Nautilus Hollowbodies he was introducing. Again, I was blown away. There was one I could not put down and kept trying it out. The neck shape, finish and warm tone sold me on the guitar. I must say that the neck shape and playability is by far the best for me personally out of all my guitars, a place previously held by my 1963 Epiphone Casino. I purchased the guitar as I knew I had found one that was a true ‘fit’ for me.

I highly recommend Seth’s guitars as true quality instruments, with high-end woods and components crafted to be some of the finest instruments I have seen anywhere in the world. On top, if it I found Seth himself to be a pleasure to deal and interact with, and I can tell he loves his craft and his creations.”

Thank you for the kind words Hans! I am glad to hear you found the grail!

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