Nautilus Classic - Editors Choice award - Gear Of The Year Award

“Who is Seth Baccus? Pretty much guitar-making royalty. Seth has had guitar experience at the highest level as the stepson of Andy Manson, whom we know as one of the UK making founders, along with his brother, Hugh.

Seth worked at Mansons Guitar Shop for 12 years, eight as the manager, and built his first guitar in 2004. He’s had on-the-road experience with John Paul Jones (including the Led Zepp reunion rehearsals and live shows) and worked with local mates Muse. Since 2009, he’s been crafting his own-brand guitars professionally, initially in Portugal with Andy Manson who relocated there in 2010, and now back in the UK.

The Nautilus here certainly has some of the Manson DNA with an outline that seems to meld a Telecaster with the style of a Les Paul, although side by side with both, it looks very much its own thing. Like Andy Manson’s designs (and his brother, Hugh’s), there’s that line that flows from the rounded upper shoulder into the cup of the single cutaway and up into quite a small horn that has an inward-pointing tip here."

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